Monster Plumbing College


 Monster Plumbing College (Pty) Ltd is a private plumbing training facility in-house to Monster Plumbing CC and dedicated to narrowing the divide between the actual plumbing workplace and the place of training.  

Monster Plumbing College is an equal opportunity facility that caters for applicants who possess a Grade 10 or Grade 12 certificate, school-leavers, graduates, full-time employees, retirees who want to develop new skills, and build on existing ones and applicants who don’t have prior schooling up to matric but who have the ability to engage with both theory and maths relevant to plumbing studies.

We also offer plumbing short courses to companies who wish to up-skill their workforce.

Monster Plumbing College’s approach to teaching and training is grounded in principles that put people first. Our College and teaching body ensures a training culture that is student-focused, and cognisant of individual students’ specific needs. We believe in offering the students the opportunity to reach their full potential and to us, they are more than just trainees, they are future leaders in the plumbing industry. To this end, we adopt an approach that emphasises integrity and that prioritises the needs of our students. The training setting creates an interactive learning environment that encourages learners to participate, be actively engaged, ask questions, and work in teams. Problem-solving skills are promoted through pragmatic learning.

We are passionate about empowering our students with quality, professional, and entrepreneurial plumbing skills and knowledge.


Our College is designed to offer individual attention to students due to our Tutor/Student ratio. The College utilises an exclusive combination of training material for the theory (SANS based content for the workplace, legacy and NQF-4 aligned content), and practical experience based on active workplace requirements. We ensure that our facilitators, are highly qualified individuals registered with the City of Cape Town as licensed artisans able to sign off on real life projects. The team of trusted assessors, facilitators, and moderators are all registered with ETDP SETA as trained and qualified specialists enabling their training programme to be professional and aligned to the required outcomes. Collectively the training facilitators have more than 100 years practical plumbing experience and 47 years plumbing training experience. Moreover, our training material is constantly updated and revised to reflect changes and growth within the plumbing industry. We also cover all methods and processes required to pass the Section 26,D Trade Test.

Monster Plumbing College prides itself on the courses that we offer, two of which are exclusive to our College. Our plumbing courses are based on the relevant theoretical knowledge as detailed in the National Qualification Standards, and practical experience through the College’s affiliation with Monster Plumbing CC.


To be the leaders in innovative and creative plumbing qualifications.


We are passionate about empowering our students with quality, professional and entrepreneurial plumbing skills and knowledge.


  • To cultivate and develop future entrepreneurs in the plumbing industry.
  • To deliver quality training and personal skills development.
  • To offer a vast range of innovative plumbing courses.
  • To alleviate skills shortages.
  • To enable anyone to start a new career in the plumbing industry.
  • To enhance individual employment possibilities.
  • To build and uplift communities.
  • To achieve equity of access as well as equal opportunity for all students to succeed through appropriate empowerment measures.


The Monster Plumbing College training format is split into 3 integral components:
Theory Classrooms
Practical Classrooms
Workplace Experience